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A unique, elegant, refined SPA

  • Indoor Whirlpool

    Large whirlpool with pleasantly warm water.

    Water temperature 30° - 32°

  • Salt Sauna

    The classic sauna par excellence. High temperature and low humidity level for healthy perspiration.

    Temperature 80° - 90°, dry environment

  • Steam Bath

    Currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    Medium temperature and high humidity for lovers of clouds of steam.

    Temperature 40°- 45°. Humidity 90%.

  • Turkish Steam Bath

    Currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    It favors the dilation of the skin pores allowing a functional re-oxygenation of the tissues. Also beneficial on the respiratory level.

    Temperature 45° - 60°. Humidity 100%.

  • Stanza del Sale

    To purify the body and mind, the right relaxation is in the Salt Sauna.

    Temperature 20° - 30°

  • Refreshing area

    Ice waterfall

    Emotional showers

    Scottish Cold Shower

    The invigorating thermal shock to make the most of the benefits of heat paths.

  • Relaxation Zones

    The right relaxation for the mind and body to finish any wellness path. Elegant and exclusive spaces allow you to choose your ideal rest: relaxation in the quiet room or chaise longue by the pool?

  • Herbal tea

    Aromatised waters and healthy herbal teas to allow yourself the right amount of water and vitamins (depending on the season).

  • Entry & Rates

    Duration of the SPA entrance: 2:30 hours.

    Advance booking required.

    GHV Spa rates

    Midweek: € 25,00

    Weekend & Holiday: € 30,00

    We reserve a 50% discount for hotel guests.

    Included services: bathrobe, slippers, towel and drinks (seasonal)

    GHV Spa opening hours

    Tuesday - Friday: 15:00 - 21:00

    Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00